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We understand how important home safety is! That’s why we would recommend taking steps to ensure you and you family are safe from electrocution and fire hazards. There are a number of ways this can be done.


It is recommended that your electrical installation is tested regularly. On most installations, there should be a sticker on your consumer unit/fuseboard with a date it was last tested and a recommendation for the next test date. If it has past it's next test date, or you can't find a sticker, it is recommended that you get in contact with a qualified electrician.


RCDs help prevent injury from electric shock by isolating the power when it detects there is something wrong. To check if your installation has an RCD, locate your consumer unit to see if one or more of your trip switches has a little button on it marked “T” or “Test”. If this is present, then your installation, or at least part of it is protected by an RCD. This “Test” button should be pushed quarterly in order to make sure the mechanical parts of the RCD are still working. (Warning: Pushing the button will turn of the circuits it protects, so make sure you have saved everything on your computer before pushing it!!!!) 
If nothing happens when you push this button, you will need to call a qualified electrician to come and replace it!…. We’ll just leave this link to the contact page here —> Contact

There are so many more ways you can ensure your electrical installation is safe. For more information, there are plenty of other websites you can peruse. Personally, we recommend: http://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk
They are recognised by the government and the industry ensuring safety messages are appropriate and up to date. Not only will you find helpful tips around the house, you will find information about registered electricians and the work they should be doing!



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